An  Product

Penthouses are a primary product of EAS OSC. These self-contained systems provide customers many advantages including reducing field installation costs and schedules, eliminating construction risk and virtually doing away with “budget creep.”

All EAS construction work is performed more safely with tradesmen working on the plant floor instead of on top of a roof. EAS OSC penthouse designs can integrate more equipment into a single unit thereby reducing valuable building square footage while maintaining critical service and maintenance access. Pre-commissioning and system checks can be performed in the plant prior to installation.

EAS OSC also significantly reduces the site man-hours needed for unit completion by the trades. This reduction lowers cost and saves time.

Benefits of Penthouses

  • Eliminates weather delays
  • Lower operating cost
  • Decreased day on capital expenditure
  • Accelerated Schedule
  • Scalable, Flexible, and Reliable
  • Improved jobsite safety
  • Eliminates Change Orders

Features of Penthouses

  • Improved Quality with procen QA/QC system in manufacturing environment
  • Interior floor to steel clearance can exceed 12 feet
  • Design incorporates all infrastructure down to rack level
  • Redundancy incorporated into each design
  • Improved jobsite safety
  • Designed to meet seismic criteria of site

Project Profiles