Electrical Units

Field construction of electrical infrastructure requires significant procurement support and even greater site construction resources. TAS’ electrical module (EMOD) systems offer integrated critical and non-critical power systems in a single modular package. The EMOD systems combine main power distribution using switchgear or switchboards, UPS Units, numerous battery systems and technologies, additional secondary power distribution equipment, and required cooling systems in an integrated modular package. TAS utilizes reference EMOD designs, including those with various sizes of UPS Units and battery systems, to provide faster deployment and a lower-cost solution. TAS is able to produce a fully custom solution to meet the specific requirements for an EMOD deployment. Whether building to a detailed specification or expanding on a reference design, TAS’ dedicated engineering and procurement team will optimize the electrical design while minimizing procurement durations. Then through off-site manufacturing in an environmentally controlled facility, TAS’ production team will provide a complete system that can be tested to the level required and will install and commission in a few short days after arrival on site.

Benefits of Electrical Units

  • Modular solutions provide scalable building blocks
  • Modular infrastructure allows for deferred capital investment until needed
  • EMOD use reduces site installation cost and duration
  • Off-site manufacturing results in high-quality, safe, and repeatable solutions

Features of Electrical Units

  • Voltages Available: 400V to 15kV (standard), and up to 38kV (custom)
  • Power Available: 500-2500 kVA/kW (standard), with others as a custom package
  • Customizable equipment and level of redundancy
  • Flexible supplier options for all components
  • Battery technologies: Lead acid, Nickel Zinc, Lithium-ion and other advanced battery options
  • Indoor or outdoor modules rated for site specific weather, wind, and seismic loads
  • NFPA 855 compliant options
  • Certifiable to CE or UL, including UL 2755