Modular Cooling Units

TAS has developed a reliable and efficient Modular Cooling Unit (MCU) to meet the most extreme cooling demands for any data center, in any environment. Designed with best-in-class equipment and materials available, these systems hold the necessary pumps, heat exchangers, control systems and other ancillary equipment to effectively handle any heat loads and operational modes your facility may require.The MCU capacity ranges from a few MW’s to hundreds of MW’s and can be manufactured in weeks, delivered in days and installed in hours.

Benefits of Modular Cooling Units

  • Scalable construction
  • Up to 40% reduction in installation costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Equipment agnostic
  • Tailored power and cooling architecture to meet project needs
  • Contiguous layout to maximize footprint and operational efficiencies

Features of Modular Cooling Units

  • Single lift, truck transportable modules
  • Mechanical chilling and/or free cooling
  • Air handlers & cooling
  • Utilities – power, controls, fire protection, fiber, comm
  • 90% reduction in cooling energy