Data Hall Infrastructure

Traditional methods to implement data hall infrastructures, such as hot and cold aisle containment, power distribution, cabinet/rack mounting, and communication cable routing, can be design intensive, costly, and time-consuming. Growing power and communication demands make the typical ceiling-mounted hanging systems more challenging to implement and deploy. TAS data hall solutions utilize integrated design and manufacturing methods to implement a new and improved infrastructure.

Our data hall solutions deliver the full infrastructure package in a compact, floor-mounted support structure to support power cabling, power busway, and cable trays/wire baskets, as well as fully integrating the hot/cold aisle containment. Data hall solutions use reference solutions and can be readily customized for specific project needs and designed for ease of manufacturing. TAS data hall solutions can be designed to ship as completed systems or in flat-packed configurations for deployment anywhere in the world. By reducing design risk, project timeline, and costly building requirements/upgrades, the use of modular data hall infrastructure allows a project to move from concept to operation in record time.

What are Data Halls?

Data Halls are internal components of data centers and provide better accessibility and heightened performance for data. They are used to store servers, electrical wiring, cooling, CPUs, and other key technology. Traditionally, implementing Data Halls requires a substantial investment and can be extremely costly and design intensive. However, the introduction of Modular Halls has changed this and allowed experienced engineers to customize data halls to fit the needs of individual customers and purposes.

Data Halls are designated spaces located within a company’s data center. Characteristically, they contain various sized cabinets of IT that hold data and require close monitoring from private data center customers. Some Data Halls are large enough to allow for private entryways for clients. Alternatively, they can be smaller with data racks as individual access points. Some of the industries that typically utilize Data Halls are Finance, Social Networking, and Healthcare.

Physically, one of the most recognizable features of a Data Hall is its fully enclosed design. All four sides of the customized unit include trusses for air ventilation in order to assist with power ventilation and cooling. Data Halls are often lifted slightly above ground level by using hollowed-out platforms that are also equipped with ventilation for additional cooling opportunities. Customizing Modular Data Halls means creating the exact solution your business needs.

What is a Data Hall Used for?

Behind every tech-driven business is a wildly sophisticated and autonomous way of storing, controlling, and managing data.

Data Halls allow companies to increase their data storage, access data quicker, and gain additional safety measures. TAS is able to assure top performance with the use of Data Halls because of the experience of our highly skilled engineers who specialize in Data Hall installation and are proficient at maximizing the efficiency of space.

Typical Industries that utilize Data Halls are Telecommunications, Finance, Tech, Social Networking, and Healthcare.

Going Custom: The TAS Advantage

The TAS difference is in the details. Our Modular Data Halls are built offsite to our client’s exact specifications. TAS clients are able to create scalable Data Hall solutions that reduce installation time significantly and save money on construction costs. Our engineers have years of combined experience and specialize in energy efficiency and power distribution. Through precise engineering and carefully scheduled installations, TAS clients experience a significantly lower rate of risk associated with projects. Client satisfaction is our primary goal, and our team approaches every client with innovative solutions for their site-specific needs. You can count on all TAS solutions to be modular, reliable and efficient – with fast delivery and installation.

Unlimited Possibilities with Modular Solutions

Going custom with TAS Modular Data Halls means unlimited possibilities. With modular solutions, data rack space can be as expensive or compact as needed due to power capacity and energy efficiency goals. Although we specialize in modularity, clients who seek a more controlled space have expanded to heights as large as two-story hyperscalers with power wattage as large as 36MW. The possibilities are endless, and the specifications of every client’s needs can be met when building with TAS.

Benefits of Modular Data Halls Solutions

  • Quick configuration into the existing footprint
  • Unlimited possibilities with the design of fiber runners, racks, busways, panels, and more
  • Additional support with innovative steel framing
  • Easy expansion or replication to scale as your project grows
  • Drastically decreased installation time
  • Our team handles every step of the installation for you with no need for outside tradesmen
  • Our team will test all forms of IT before completion of the installation

Key Features of Modular Data Hall Solutions

  • Custom design to fit the exact needs of your project
  • Durable steel frames for optimal support
  • Design load capabilities of up to 350 lbs per linear foot
  • Easy access to busways using sliding panels
  • Easy expansion of additional racks and infrastructure
  • Certifiable to CE or UL
  • NFPA 855 compliant options

Improved Performance with TAS

The shift towards energy-efficient solutions is what has allowed many businesses to thrive in the growing age of technology. Working with TAS means that we work together to give you the best solutions available. Our combined experience, skilled network of engineers, and fast shipping and delivery give you the TAS advantage. Build modular and learn how energy-efficient solutions can produce ideal results for your business. Fill out our short inquiry form below to receive your personalized solution.