Modular Data Centers

The internet of things and evolving demand of data has made modular a prime option to quickly deploy a data center for any industry. Modular data centers deliver a lower risk option by taking a significant amount of work off a job site and building in one of our TAS highly controlled factories. Modular solutions also allow more optimization for space, the ability to scale if needed, and rapid deployment. We provide unique designs, and high-quality fabricated modules designed to fit specific application needs. TAS helps companies maximize efficiency, delivery flexibility and offer scalability with our custom modular solutions.

Benefits of Modular Data Centers

  • Reduced field labor
  • In-house factory testing
  • 10-15% cost savings over traditional construction
  • Reduced Schedule
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment (no weather days)
  • Scalability
  • Parallel construction

Features of Modular Data Centers

  • Custom design to meet application needs
  • Designed to meet site seismic needs
  • Maintenance and serviceability incorporated into design
  • BIM modeling
  • In-house engineering with all specialities available
  • Fully integrated modular solution
  • Custom cooling, electrical, and control packages
  • ETL and UL labeling