For years, TAS has mastered the art of customization and efficiency. Traditional electrical and plumbing solutions require significant procurement support and even greater site construction resources. Our network of top-tier engineers specialize in modular, reliable, and efficient solutions, with fast delivery and installation for every style of business.

Modular Cooling Units

TAS has developed a reliable and efficient Modular Cooling Unit (MCU) to meet the most extreme cooling demands for any data center, in any environment. Designed with best-in-class equipment and materials available, these systems hold the necessary pumps, heat exchangers, control systems and other ancillary equipment to effectively handle any heat loads and operational modes your facility may require.The MCU capacity ranges from a few MW’s to hundreds of MW’s and can be manufactured in weeks, delivered in days and installed in hours.

Central Utility Plants

Our network of top-tier engineers specialize in building Modular Central Utility Plants that save you money, time, and project costs. Building with TAS means 100% customization to meet the scale of client needs.

Data Halls

Our data hall solutions deliver the full infrastructure package in a compact floor-mounted support structure to support power cabling, power busway, cable trays/wire basket, and fully integrate the hot/cold aisle containment.

Go above and beyond for your business’s data protection with the incorporation of Modular Data Halls by TAS.

Electrical Units

TAS’ electrical module (EMOD) systems offer integrated critical and non-critical power systems in a single modular package. The EMOD systems combine main power distribution, battery systems and technologies, and more to create electrical units in an integrated modular package.

Turbine Inlet Chilling

Turbine Inlet Chilling is a solution to cool the inlet air of a gas turbine, maximizing the turbine output across ambient conditions. TAS can maximize your cooling power through custom retrofitting and integration.

Utility Infrastructure

TAS’ Utility Infastructure systems offer integrated critical and non-critical power in a single modular package. Our dedicated engineering and procurement team will optimize the electrical design while minimizing procurement durations.

Modular Data Center

Modular Data Center solutions allow the optimization for space, the ability to scale, and rapid deployment. TAS provides unique designs and high-quality fabricated modules designed to fit specific application needs.

Air Handling Units

The use of a standard air handling unit often means wasted space, which in turn creates excessive energy costs. Going custom with TAS’s Cooling Solutions means working with engineers that specialize in energy efficiency and cutting costs.


Penthouses are a primary product of EAS OSC. These self-contained systems provide customers many advantages including reducing field installation costs and schedules, eliminating construction risk and virtually doing away with “budget creep.”

Immersion Cooling

Liquid Immersion Cooling is the process of fully submerging data center technology into dielectric fluid, causing the gradual and sustainable cooling of overheated materials

Learn how TAS has cornered this market and how we think you could benefit most.

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