Why TAS?


TAS Production

TAS modular solutions are designed and manufactured in our Houston facilities encompassing 725,000+ sq. feet in close proximity to major shipping ports and interstate highways.

Modular Advantages

Reduction of On-Site Risk

TAS values our products but we value our employees more. We have grown steadily while improving safety performance through proactive measures. Our customers benefit by buying products assembled in controlled conditions with dedicated talent. This minimizes safety risks during site construction.

Reduction of on Site Labor

Our engineers first consider all of the life-cycle operational goals that exceed the specifications. Our supply chain team procures lifecycle performance and interchangeability. TAS has advanced the interfaces between modules to make field construction faster, repeatable, and more reliable. Future maintenance and repair can be carried out safely with minimal disruption. Our advanced product development approach leads to product optimization as well as life-cycle efficiency, interconnectivity, interchangeability, repeatability, and maintainability of the solution.

Project Schedule Reduced

A compelling reason for TAS modular products is schedule reduction. In today’s tight craft labor market, scheduling delivery of module products from a controlled factory environment with a cadre of full-time craft labor offers real advantages. By having scale, TAS is also able to offer flexibility to accommodate changes in needs through rescheduling and adding shifts if required.

Reduction of Project Cost

  • All of our advantages add up—and then subtract from your overall cost. Modular products reduce field costs and mitigates risks of weather and labor shortages.
  • Standardization and lifecycle supply chain sourcing improves reliability and maintainability.
  • Repeatability allows the deployment of future units very quickly and effectively.

Industries Served

Data Centers, District Cooling, Edge, Energy Storage, Healthcare, Gaming, Government, Education, High Tech Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Industrial, Teclo, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, & LNG

Client Testimonials

“Who do we know, and who in the marketplace can provide what we need, at the quality we need, at the speed we need? There was only one firm that could do it and that was TAS.”

Rick Gunter, Principal Project Manager, HKS INC.

“I was deeply impressed by not only the level of commitment of the various players at TAS but, the skill sets, the technical ability, and just the transparency of their process. From the get-go we knew we selected the right partner, we had recommended the right partner to the DAS project with TAS.”

Matt Lamont, Vice President, HKS INC.

Over two decades in business delivering innovative modular solutions