Air Handling Units

An  Product

EAS designs each AHU to meet and exceed the customized needs of the exact project application. EAS always uses the highest quality materials for construction. EAS AHU’s are all aluminum with a foam core panel and true “No Through Metal.” The company’s innovative design approach and experience provides the most efficient systems while maintaining the best serviceability for maintenance.

Designed and constructed off site, EAS AHU’s can be pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-controlled to save installation time, overall cost and to improve the quality and safety of the completed product. AHU’s are shipped directly to the final destination where the EAS team will quickly install the system in a matter of days instead of weeks by having completed much of the trade work prior to shipment and delivery.

What is an Air Handling Unit?

The HVAC system is monumental in the overall function of any infrastructure. Within the HVAC system lives the Air Handling Unit, a small but integral part of the mechanics of the entire ventilation system. The Air Handling Unit is the component of the HVAC that is responsible for the transportation of air through the air ducts of a building. The unit works by filtering air that is taken from outdoors, re-conditioning it, and circulating it throughout a building’s interior.

Why Go Custom?

The use of a standard air handling unit often means wasted space, which in turn creates excessive energy costs. Going custom with TAS means working with engineers that specialize in energy efficiency and cutting costs. EAU by TAS units can be customized in size to fit the exact specifications of space being utilized. A significant reduction in risk, construction cost, and on-site installation time are only a few of the benefits of going custom with TAS. Our solutions are modular, reliable and efficient — with fast delivery and installation. Excel in efficiency with us, and experience the TAS difference.

Benefits of TAS Custom Air Handling Unit

  • Pre commissioned installation services with full-time installation supervision
  • Field testing services that surpasses factory leakage and deflection testing standards
  • 1/2% leakage at 1.5 times design static pressure
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • TEFC Motors that are efficiently mounted in the center of airstreams for better airflow
  • Industrial grade electrical components and fittings
  • Electrical controls the can easily be added to existing infrastructure

Key Features of Custom Air Handling Units

  • AHU casing that is equipped to last the lifetime of the building
  • 94% porous free foam panels with aluminum interior and exterior skin and are NFPA 90 A & B Compliant
  • 0% leakage at 10”wg due to double gasket doors
  • NFPA 90 test port with 3-point latching hardware and single locking handle on all doors
  • Continuously welded floor seams with 3/16” aluminum safety tread throughout
  • Recessed 8” x 12” floor drains
  • Welded drain pipe extended to exterior of base
  • Impenetrable casing around exterior of unit
  • Triple sloped aluminum IAQ drain pans
  • Cooling coils provided at 450FPM or less

Project Profiles

The TAS Difference

The client is at the forefront of all custom solutions at TAS. Our custom air handling units are consistently created with safety, durability, waste reduction, and aesthetic design in mind. We believe these four things are at the core of what makes a high-performing, innovative solution. Customizing your unit with TAS allows for flexible design so that there is nothing that you don’t need and everything you could ever want.


Client safety is at the forefront of all TAS solutions. Because of this, our custom air handlers are equipped with a number of premium accessibility features, including slopped excess pans and safety treads. We designed our recessed pans to be 12” in diameter to collect the maximum amount of water. During routine cleanings of the custom air handler, our pan’s slopped design will prevent water accumulation and allows for efficient transportation of excess water to the outside of the unit. For accessibility, we designed our customs units to include 3/16” treads that are composed of durable aluminum of the highest quality to ensure client safety.


Our engineers designed our casing to ensure that there will be no concern of penetration to the exterior of your unit. Working with TAS means increasing your ROI. Our custom air handling units are designed with an AHU casing that lasts for the entire lifespan of the unit.

Reduce Waste

Waste reduction is imperative in the world of energy efficiency. This ideology was at the forefront when engineering our custom air handling units, and there are several ways you will save on waste when using TAS custom units. We’ve gone above and beyond meeting NFPA codes by using multiple levels of reinforcement when resolving the matter of energy waste. Our custom air cooling units come equipped with double gasket doors to provide you with 100% leakage protection. We’ve also incorporated cooling coils that are used to prevent moisture carryover to other parts of the unit.

Aesthetically Pleasing

With TAS, function and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our engineers are able to encompass our innovative designs into every solution we provide in order to give our clients turn-key energy solutions. All fittings for our custom units are industrial grade to ensure a modern look that is also long-lasting and durable. TAS air handling units are equipped with plug-and-play electrical cords that can be well contained and organized efficiently. Additionally, our engineers designed the internal fans to be mounted at the center of the airstream to assist with sound attenuation and efficiency.

The TAS experience means energy efficiency, custom craftsmanship, quality engineering, and strategic scaling to your exact business needs. Our team of design engineers have 100 years of combined experience in technology, and our network of skillful tradesmen allows for custom construction that fits your needs. We have consistently excelled in transforming the functionality needs of our clients, and we strive to go above and beyond to create cost-effective solutions to resolve everyday problems. When we work with you, we work for you. Contact TAS today to get started.