How to Perfectly Execute a Modular Project

November 4, 2020

Today, modular construction is a mainstay for many industries. According to the Modular Institute, the modular industry doubled in size to $8 billion from 2014-2019. The need for quick, flexible construction solutions during the pandemic makes the modular construction industry busier than ever. So, with the needs greater than ever before, how should people approach a modular construction project? To answer that question, Neil Smith, VP of International Products at TAS Energy Inc., joined TAS Talks Modular and shared his thoughts and experience on the subject. 

From oil and gas, to offshore platform implementations in the North Sea, Smith got his first taste of the necessity for modular building.

“As you can imagine, that sort of location of a plant is a very difficult one to build in,” Smith said. “So, the modular approach was the only way production platforms could be moved into place and produce the oils.”
Smith said, when considering a modular project as part of an overall build, it is essential to consult with modular experts at the beginning stages. It can only lead to headaches down the road when the right modular approach isn’t considered upfront.

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